Fixed Pitch Binaural Beat MP3 Files

Right-click on each filename to download the MP3 file. Save it to your hard drive, put it on your iPod/iPhone/G1 or MP3 player, burn it onto a CD, or listen to it on your computer. Remember you must listen to these files using headphones in order for them to work.

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Set aside a regular time each day and find a quiet place to sit. Relax, focus on your breathing, and use these modest MP3 files as a tool. Establish the habit. It’s a small investment with large rewards.

* gamma, 40 Hz

* high beta, 25 Hz
* mid beta, 20 Hz
* low beta, 15 Hz

* mid alpha, 10 Hz the (Berger’s wave or Berger Rhythm)
* low alpha, 8 Hz

* high theta, 6 Hz
* mid theta, 5 Hz
* low theta, 4 Hz

* delta, 2.5 Hz

* mid-beta to mid-alpha 20 Hz to 10 Hz
* mid-alpha to delta 10 Hz to 2.5 Hz
* high-theta to delta 6 Hz to 2.5 Hz

The last three files traverse brainwave types go from waking conscious to relaxation (beta to alpha), from relaxation deeper (alpha to delta), and from deep to deepest (theta to delta).