Fixed Pitch Binaural Beat MP3 Files

Right-click on each filename to download the MP3 file. Save it to your hard drive, put it on your iPod/iPhone/G1 or MP3 player, burn it onto a CD, or listen to it on your computer. Remember you must listen to these files using headphones in order for them to work.

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Set aside a regular time each day and find a quiet place to sit. Relax, focus on your breathing, and use these modest MP3 files as a tool. Establish the habit. It’s a small investment with large rewards.

* gamma, 40 Hz

* high beta, 25 Hz
* mid beta, 20 Hz
* low beta, 15 Hz

* mid alpha, 10 Hz the (Berger’s wave or Berger Rhythm)
* low alpha, 8 Hz

* high theta, 6 Hz
* mid theta, 5 Hz
* low theta, 4 Hz

* delta, 2.5 Hz

* mid-beta to mid-alpha 20 Hz to 10 Hz
* mid-alpha to delta 10 Hz to 2.5 Hz
* high-theta to delta 6 Hz to 2.5 Hz

The last three files traverse brainwave types go from waking conscious to relaxation (beta to alpha), from relaxation deeper (alpha to delta), and from deep to deepest (theta to delta).

I also made some meditation timers in various forms. Time yourself from 10 to 30 minutes in 5 minute intervals. No binaural beats, just a single bell at the end of silence. Use the meditation timer online right in your browser or grab the JCO Timer, a free iPhone meditation timer.

The Sensory Motor Rhythm, also called the Mu rhythm, is used in neurofeedback. Many have used the Sensory Motor Rhythm for a variety of disorders including epilepsy, autism, learning disorders, and ADHD. I orignally made this Sensory Motor Rhythm MP3 file for my two older sons who have epilepsy and suffer from seizures.

Unless otherwise specified all binaural beat files are centered around a 136.1 Hz sine wave. This tone is called “Nada Brahma”, the sound associated with Om.

Don’t stop. Learn more by reading some of these meditation books. Buy them or visit your local public library.

Judging from the traffic this page gets, many of you out there are using the MP3 files here. I couldn’t be happier!


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